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Seismic Slicing plug-in for Petrel

The Seismic Slicing plug-in enables the creation of slices of various objects like structural frameworks, pillar grids, triangle meshes or regular surfaces. Slicing planes are defined by inlines and crosslines of seismic cubes. The produced intersections are always geometrically accurate, indenpendently from the structural complexity of the undelying model: compressive tectonics, salt bodies, X and Y faults and multiple erosive contacts are all handled properly.

Combined with the 2D seismic restoration capabilities of Petrel, it is the ideal tool for quantitatively validating complex 3D structural models and corner point grids: after cross-sections have been extracted by the seismic slicing plug-in, they can be restored in order to assess the consistency of the models.

The Seismic Slicing plug-in can be downloaded from Schlumberger's Ocean Store.

Seismic Slicing - Convert grids and models to interpretations

Salt & Geobody Modeling for Petrel

The Salt & Geobody Modeling plug-in not only generates surfaces or salt domes or other complex geobodies. It also enables the creation of a true "shared salt model" which can be used at any point of the exploration and production workflow.

More specifically, the shared salt model created by the plug-in feeds into mapping, velocity modeling, facies and petrophysical property modeling, hydrocarbon volume assessment, flow simulations, geomechanics, well prognosis and drilling planning workflows.

The Salt & Geobody Modeling plug-in is can be downloaded from Schlumberger's Ocean Store.

Salt & Geobody Modeling - Build and integrate salt in subsurface models
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The RockSoft team


  • Francois Lepage - CEO

Francois graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Geologie (Nancy, France) in 2000, with an engineering diploma in geology. As part of the Gocad Research Group, he also completed a MSc degree and a PhD degree in geosciences from the Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine (Nancy, France), respectively in 2000 and 2003. Francois then briefly moved to the Institut Francais du Petrole before to join the Igeoss company in 2004, which was acquired by Schlumberger in 2010.    


Here is the list of his previous positions:

 - Structural Modeling Technical Lead, Schlumberger SIS (2010-2013) 
 - Software Director, Igeoss (2008-2010)
 - Software Engineer, Igeoss (2004-2008) 
 - Post-Doctoral Researcher, French Petroleum Institute (2003-2004)
 - Ph. D. Candidate, Gocad Research Group / Shell (2000-2003)

During his career, Francois has been actively involved in the development of many software packages, including research Gocad plugins (TGridLab, Kine3D v. 1) and commercial products like Dynel3D and Petrel Structural Framework (VBM). He has almost 15 years of experience in software development and his expertise is recognized in domains like unstructured mesh generation, micro- and macro-topological representations of geological objects, implicit surface modeling, and general computational geometry.



  • Laurent Souche - Product Manager

Laurent holds a Master’s degree in Geology and a PhD in numerical geosciences both from Nancy’s School of Geology, France. During his PhD he explored new techniques for modeling the impact of faults on fluid flow. He then joined Schlumberger where he developed a Petrel module for modeling fractured reservoirs.

Since then he has been alternating between reservoir geologist roles, working on field development and exploration studies, and software product development responsibilities. Most notably, he defined the roadmap for renewing the modelling core of Petrel and designed the integration of the Volume-based Modeling, Depospace and Depogrid technologies into the reservoir modelling workflow. More recently, he has been working in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia as a consulting geologist specializing in fracture modeling and complex geomodeling studies. Laurent joined Rocksoft in 2015 as a Product Manager, taking care of Rocksoft product design and developping new approaches for integrating seismic information into reservoir models.


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The RockSoft company


RockSoft SASU is a French start-up created in August 2013 and based in Montpellier, France. 

RockSoft is a company with great career opportunities for self-motivated individuals with good technical skills.

Available positions:

  •  - none

Feel free to submit your CV and to let us hear from you in writing to:

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